Fiat 500e service in Europe.

Electric Fiat 500e service in Europe. We are Fiat 500e specialists from Poland. We are working remotely to diagnose Your Fiat 500e or traveling all around Europe. Depending on the problem, we can solve it remotely – online, or fly to take care of your electric Fiat face to face.

#CoVID-19 – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and thus, the suspension of all international flights. We strive to offer door to door service almost all over Europe.

500e service

Our story

We were the first in Europe to deal with the electric Fiat 500e. Whereby we have created Electro AutoBodo – Electric Car Service from scratch. We were the first to solve the problem of blocked Fiat 500e. Dozens of Electric Cars have already passed through our hands. We solved the most difficult problems that others could not cope with. Thanks to which, today we can confidently be called the most experienced Electric Fiat 500e service in Europe. That’s why you shouldn’t look any others, contact us right away.

Fiat 500e service offer

Electric Fiat 500e service in Europe provides:

full computer diagnostics, updates and recalls. BPCM u69 updates. We perform full computer diagnostics using top-notch equipment. As a result, we program and delete errors from all the car modules.

Remove problems related to too deep discharge Fiat’s 500e HV batteries. Fiat 500e charging problems are not a problem for us. Learn more about electric Fiat 500 HV Batteries Best Practices

Full mechanical and electrical Fiat 500e Service. HV Battery repairs and regeneration. Rebuilding off the HV battery packs after accidents, floods etc. Limited Power Mode, Service charging system. 47% SOC fiat 500e
Consulting in ‘after accident repairs’ and rebuilds. After collision Fiat 500e unlocking.

Reports of high-voltage battery State Of Health of Fiat 500e & Overhaul of all electric and hybrid cars.

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News from 500e Service

Read more news on our Fiat 500e BLOG.

  • Fiat 500e inspection before or after purchase
    Fiat 500e inspection before or after the purchase, we especially recommend to people who have never had contact with electric vehicles before. “before or after the purchase inspection” is primarily a visual check of the condition of the High Voltage installation. A small scratch on […]
  • Fiat 500e battery repair
    Fiat 500e battery repair by dead cells replacing. Lithium cells cant be regenerated but in some cases Lithium battery packs can be regenerated by replacing only few bed cells
  • Can the coronavirus kill a Fiat 500e?
    Problem with the over discharging HV battery when Fiat 500e not used.
  • Fiat 500e Battery LOG
    find out how to do a Fiat 500e battery health report and submit it using our analysis form
  • Convert 500e Radio to European settings
    Convert 500e Radio to European settings means changing the frequency hop of the Fiat 500e Radio. Thus excluding support for geostationary satellites over the States called Sirius
  • Level 2 Battery Charger
    Level 2 Battery Charger from original Fiat 500e Level 1 charger? Yes it’s very easy to done. Just cut the 110V plug and change it to 16A 240V plug. Use only good quality plug cos overheating is very common problem. Fiat 500e Level 2 Battery […]
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Fiat 500e knowledge base

Fiat 500e knowledge base and useful information by our Service.

  • Fiat 500e Specs
    Fiat 500e Specs – full model specification from 2013 year. Manufactured at the Assembly plant: Toluca, Mexico. Launch date: Second quarter 2013 As a model from 2013,  BODYWORK/CHASSIS System: Front-wheel drive: Single steel body ELECTRIC MOTOR ELECTRIC MOTOR – Type and Description: Durable magnetic electric traction with electric stop latch Power: […]
  • Lithium Battery bests practices
    Lithium Battery bests practices by Peter Wolf. How to prevent Li-Ion battery for loosing SOH and ageing? How to not visit HV Battery service. Sorry for the mistakes, I will work on it I have started my adventure with lithium batteries about 20 years ago, as a RC modeler. Lithium […]
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About the Electric Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e Service

Electric Fiat 500e – based on cult model 500, named just 500e. It’s 24kWh HV battery pack running 83kW brushless engine. reaches 200Nm from the very start. 140 km / h maximum speed achieved without changing gears (engine connected to the front diffuser in a fixed gear). Full technical specification of electric Fiat 500e

So far the car has only been produced for the United States. has become a very popular electric, aftermarket car in Europe. This is certainly due to the great design and very attractive prices in US aftermarket auctions. Fiat 500e service did not import cars from United States.

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Check my power tests after 47% dead Fiat 500e