Understand the Difference Between Fiat 500e 2013-2019 Model and 2020, Plus Replacement Costs & Expert Repair at Our Shop

If you’re like many Fiat 500e owners, you’ve probably been wondering what sets the 2013-2019 model and 2020 Fiat 500e battery packs apart, or perhaps you’re in search of expert repair for your current battery pack. At our shop, we understand the importance of understanding the difference between Fiat 500e models and of getting a good deal on battery replacement costs. We’ll discuss the differences between Fiat 500e batteries and how you can access reliable, expert repair services at our shop.

The Fiat 500e was released in 2013 as an all-electric vehicle and continues to be a popular choice among those looking for an electric ride. With its unique Italian flair and excellent range of up to 84 miles per charge, it’s no wonder the Fiat 500e continues to be apopular choice for eco-conscious car owners everywhere.

However, the features that differentiate the 2013-2019 models from the new 2020 model may not be immediately apparent. When it comes to the battery, one of the most important aspects of the Fiat 500e, there are indeed some differences that could affect your decision when choosing the right model for you. Understanding the power of the Fiat 500e battery is crucial to ensuring a long life for your vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll explain the differences between the 2013-2019 and the 2020 model Fiats 500e so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the right model for your needs. We’ll also look at the potential costs associated with battery replacement and how you can access reliable and expert repair services for your Fiat 500e battery pack at our shop.

Understanding the Differences Between 2013-2019 and 2020 Fiat 500e Battery Packs

When it comes to the Fiat 500e electric car, understanding the differences between the battery packs of the 2013-2019 models vs. the 2020 model, plus the associated replacement costs and expert repair services, can help you get the most out of your vehicle.

For starters, the Fiat 500e 2013-2019 uses a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack consists of 192 cells, each rated at 65 Amp Hours (Ah) and 3.7 Volts (V). It takes roughly 4-5 hours to fully charge this battery pack using a Level 2 charger. In contrast, the Fiat 500e 2020 La Prima features a 42 kWh battery pack that consists of 288 cells, each rated at 60 Ah and 3.7 V. Charging with standard 7.4 kW charger for the 2020 model is expected to take about 4.5-5 hours.

The battery packs of the Fiat 500e 2013-2019 and 2020 La Prima models also differ in terms of energy output. The 2013-2019 model produces a maximum of 83 kW or 111 horsepower, while the 2020 La Prima has a maximum output of 180 kW or 241 horsepower. Additionally, the 2013-2019 model has a range of 84 miles per full charge, while the 2020 La Prima can travel up to 199 miles.

If you’re considering replacing the Fiat 500e battery pack, the costs for 2013 models can range anywhere from $2,500-$4,000 depending on the condition of the battery, while the cost for the 2020 La Prima models can be up to $6,000. Moreover, if you require repair or maintenance services for the Fiat 500e battery pack, we offer expert technicians and high-quality parts for all Fiat 500e 2013-2019 and La Prima 2020 models.

Replacement Costs for Fiat 500e Battery Packs

When it comes to modern electric vehicles (EVs), the Fiat 500e battery pack is among the most cost-effective and reliable options available. As of 2020, Fiat has released the La Prima, the newest in its 500e line. But if you’re the proud owner of a 2013-2019 model, replacement and repair costs can be high. Understanding the differences between the models, their battery packs and the associated costs will help you make informed decisions when it comes to getting the most out of your Fiat 500e’s battery performance.

For 2013-2019 models, replacement Fiat 500e battery packs cost an average of $5,000. This includes the battery, labor and taxes. That said, the total cost of replacing the battery pack can vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and where the work is being done. For example, a newer Fiat 500e could require more labor-intensive tasks, such as the removal, reinstallation and recalibration of the battery management system, thereby bumping up the total cost.

The latest La Prima Fiat 500e battery pack has a capacity of 85.4 kWh, representing a 15.4 kWh increase from the earlier 70 kWh packs. Replacement costs for the La Prima’s larger capacity battery pack will be higher than for the smaller 2013-2019 models, so if you’re seeking a replacement battery you need to consider factors like current vehicle value, age and usage. The best option to get the most accurate estimate of your Fiat 500e battery replacement cost is to contact an expert repair shop like ours.

At our repair shop, customers can rest assured that their Fiat 500e battery pack will receive the care and attention it deserves. Our technicians have extensive experience with Fiat 500e EV models – from 2013-2019 to the La Prima – ensuring they reach peak performance while also keeping your costs down. From a flat-rate diagnostic process to understand the full scope of the issue to an installation experts that gets the job done quickly, we are the go-to spot for Fiat 500e battery packs.

Understanding the differences between the various models of the Fiat 500e – including the La Prima – and their associated replacement costs is the key to getting the most out of your EV’s battery performance. Whether you have a 2013-2019 or 2020 model, visit our repair shop today to get an expert evaluation and accurate estimate of your Fiat 500


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