& VoltPotCoin promo & VoltPotCoin promo & VoltPotCoin promo is a 10% discount from FIATservice, and 100VPC cashback from VoltPot for first 10 clients who chose this form of payment

What is VoltPotCoin?

VoltPotCoin is a revolutionary innovation of 2020. It is the first decentralised Peer-to-Peer payment network to be used by renewable energy and electric mobility sectors.  Without any central authority or middlemen involvement, Voltpotcoin is the money for Green Energy.

Where to get VoltPotCoin?

VoltPotCoin is listed on STEX exchange.

at the moment, the price is around $ 0.29 for 1VPC. So $ 100 is around 344.82 VPC.

What do you gain thanks to & VoltPotCoin promo?

Paying us $ 100 in VPC, you get a 10% rebate, i.e. you only pay 310 VPC, and within 24 hours of payment verification, you get cashback of 100VPC, worth about $ 30.

How to pay in VPC?

it’s very simple, download the wallet from Register on  STEX exchange, buy VPC, transfer to your wallet. Pay for the service from your own wallet and within 24 hours of accepting the payment, we will send you 100VPC cashback.

My VoltPotCoin wallet address is always in my contact tab.

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