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Contact Fiat500e service Europe, more precisely: Best US Electric Fiat Service from Poland. Fiat 500e specialists from Europe on the fly. We are not stationary, we are traveling all around Europe or work remotely on-line, solving the most difficult Fiat 500e problems.

Contact me via my new online Support Ticket System and give me sometimes up to 2-5 work days for reply.

Please remember, I’m not working in Mopar Factory FCA. I’m not official Fiat 500e support page. I have learned everything by my own and on my own mistakes and money. Thats why if i have helped You and rescue Your dead Fiat 500e, please help me, and send few hundred dollars tip and give us 5 star review

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mobile (WhatsApp): +48 509 620 108

mobile & WhatsApp: +48 509 620 108

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#CoVID-19 – International, Remote Fiat 500e Diagnostics

Fiat 500e not working.not working , DEAD

Fiat 500e not working, Fiat 500e “not ready”, Limited Power Mode – TOTALY DEAD – read here, otherwise jump one column right.

Do you have any OBD2 diagnostic tool, like OBDLinkMX or Good quality ELM327? chose the first option below.

Own Diagnostic tool

Rent Our Remote Diagnostic tool

Describe the problem roots, car history, usage, attach fotos and e-mail:

Fiat 500e working, but with minor Faults.

Fiat 500e working, but faulty. After hundreds of solved problems with the Fiat 500e, no a lot can surprise me.

chose the first option below if You own any of this diagnostic tools

Own Diagnostic tool

Rent Our Remote Diagnostic tool

Please send us an e-mail with problem description, photos etc..

If you care about time, send me a motivation encouragement via Paypal

Despite the huge number of inquiries, requests for help. almost nothing comes from it.

Despite the ever-present announcements of huge gratification, only a few people know how to behave. Others just stopped talking.

If you are serious about repairing your car, let me know by PayPal. If you just wont to get know-how and walk away, walk away or let me know by PayPal.

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If U are interested to cooperate with US

If U are interested to cooperate with US, let us know: Contact Fiat500e service Europe by mail. We are cooperating with car services all around the world. We are working remotely – online for a electric car computer diagnostics or we are traveling to You for more advance Fiat 500e repairs and service.

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