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Remotely assigning a new car key

Remotely assigning a new car key of Fiat 500e. One of our clients turned out to be quite BIG PROBLEM, the fact that the Fiat 500e keys were lost. Once he ordered new keys from FCA and collect the parcel from California. It tuned out, that it is problematic for the local Fiat dealer to assign the keys to the car.

Remotely assigning a new car key in Romania

When we were asked for help, the time and cost of the trip was several times greater than the value of the Fiat service itself. It was these 1.5 thousand km, over 3000km in both directions. This mobilised me to intensify work on a mobile diagnostic device that we could send to the client in a suitcase. I wanted it to be as easy to use as possible. The only role of the customer, is to remove the plug from the suitcase and connect to the Fiat 500e OBD socket. The device would automatically connect to our technician’s computer. That’ll givie him full access to programming the car standing anywhere else in the world. Fiat 500e Remotely assigning a new car key in Romania – Why not?

Remote diagnostic device for Fiat 500e

Unfortunately, it takes some time to prepare and test such a device. Therefore, in order not to expose our client to unnecessary travel costs. Our help focused only on giving a few suggestions during telephone conversations. The entire operation was performed by local mechanics.
Of course, the keys were assigned successful 🙂

Remote diagnostic device for Fiat 500e

Meanwhile, we are proud to announce, that work on our remote diagnostic device for the Fiat 500e and the testing phase have been successfully completed. That is why, today we guarantee the fastest and fully professional computer diagnostics of the Fiat 500e in any corner of Europe.

remotely diagnostic tool

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