Service Electric Vehicle System

Service Electric Vehicle System

Service Electric Vehicle System DTC’s on Fiat 500e it’s ‘not a big’ problem. That don’t cause Fiat 500e dead. But most often requires a diagnostic tool connection to perform full body diagnostics and read of all Fiat 500e DTC’s . This is an ideal example of electric car repair that i can do remotely via an online internet connection. The fault required a close look at the HV battery data. Small calibration correction. And car back to life without any other interference.
As a result, it reduces the repair cost almost twice(comparing to FCA Mopar Service)

Service Electric Vehicle System can be a result of a lot of troubles. This MIL can be turned on by almost any Electric Fiat Modules. To get more information about the problem You should check Messages in IPC – Instrument Panel Cluster – Menu

As I mentioned, there can be many reasons, but for sure there is ONE since this error happened. This MIL is not a result of using bad fuel. Therefore, the solution suggested by forum users from, i.e. disconnecting the battery, only causes the car to be reset, the MIL is temporarily turned off but does not solve the problem. meanwhile, the problem can only grow and wreak more havoc.

I have already repaired a car in which the owners “had to disconnect” the 12V batteries from time to time for a year.
After lifting the battery cover, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing

Read more about this failure here

Service Electric Vehicle System

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