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Can the coronavirus kill a Fiat 500e?

Problem with the over discharging HV battery when Fiat 500e not used.

Can the coronavirus kill a Fiat 500e? The answer is No and Yes same time. CoVID-19 freezes life of many people all around the world. Lot of them was even not able to get the place where they left cars.
Unfortunately Fiat 500e don’t like to be not used. Combined with a low quality 12 volt battery, that needs to be recharged from a high voltage battery can cause the battery computer to hang and over discharge the HV batteries below safe minimal voltage.

As I have mentioned many times, the most important thing about this problem is time. The sooner the car gets to us or we to the car, the lower the risk of damage to the battery.

Our last patient became a victim of CoVID-19. However thanks to the very quick response of its owner, the problem was solved with microscopic loss of the state of health to the HV battery.

47% Battery,not ready”, not charging Fiat 500e? It does not have to result in the Fiat 500e death.

Can the coronavirus kill a Fiat 500e?

No, if the car goes quickly to the appropriate Fiat 500e service center or Electric Vehicles Service Center

Yes, if the car is left in this condition for a long period of time

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