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Limited Power mode, 47% or 0%SOC, not ready Fiat 500e

Limited Power mode, 47% or 0% SOC, not ready and not charging Fiat 500e. That’s a very common problem of Electric Fiat 500e, after shipping from United States. The fiat 500e charging problems, reason is over discharged high-voltage battery, below the operating level.

With this problem, time is of the essence. The sooner we wake up the HV battery, the better. In addition, left of the HV battery below 2,8V per cell for more than a few months. Moreover, it will cause, it would’e irreparably damaged them.

Thanks to the technology we have refined, we achieve really great results. In addition, that can be seen in the engine performance after regeneration of the HV battery of electric Fiat 500e

Our results of SOH

Our results of SOH after rescue dead Fiat 500e can be chacked with even board computer. This test of power is the best proof of our effectiveness. For instance, I’ve reached full pull of 87kW with our last patient.

If you have this problem: Limited Power mode, 47% or 0%SOC, not ready with your Electric Fiat, do not risk damaging the HV battery on your home repair attempt. Thats why, we have biggest experience in Fiat 500e battery regeneration. We can manage to get the minimum degree of degradation of the package!!!

Limited power mode not a problem any more. Above all, check our YouTube channel for more proofs

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