Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation

Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation

Fiat 500e Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation. What is it and what is it for. In every electric car, the High Voltage (HV) installation is fully insulated from the 12V installation. The frame of an electric car is not a mass or a downside High Voltage (HV) installations, as it almost always happens with internal combustion cars and 12V installations.

Fiat 500e Loss of Insulation (LOI) occurs when there is a violation of the separation between the high voltage system and the low voltage system of the vehicle.
In the Fiat 500e, the high-voltage system is isolated from the 12-V system. The resistance between these points is calculated based on the energy potential of high-voltage systems (battery pack voltage). The higher the voltage potential, the higher the resistance (insulation) value.

Fiat 500e Loss of Insulation can be associated with one of the following high voltage installation modules:

Electric heater (AEH)
Power Inverter Module (PIM)
On-board charging module (OBCM)
Electric drive motor (EDM)
High voltage battery system (HVBS)
Electric air compressor (EAC)
Battery coolant heater (BCH)
High voltage energy distribution center (high voltage PDC)

Fiat 500e body insulation test, Insane equal to ZERO Ohms.

The described patient came to our Electric Cars Service on a tow truck from outside the province. Unfortunately, before falling into the hands of some amateur, because of the cost of tow trucks and the desire to save. Fortunately, it didn’t end in a serious accident. Fiat 500e diagnostic tools are not only to delete DTC’s and Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation Fault is the best example. Bpcm HV battery insulation test results:

Fiat 500e body insulation test equal to ZERO Ohms.
Fiat 500e body insulation test equal to ZERO Ohms.
Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation
Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation

2013 Fiat 500e body insulation test equal to ZERO Ohms means a high voltage short circuit with the car frame. Measurements made with the voltmeter confirm the diagnosis from the computer. Over 200V between the ‘+’ HV installation and the car frame. Fortunately, the car’s safety systems worked, causing it to become immobilized. Otherwise, if it were enough to clear the errors and start the car, driving it would be like groping in cables protruding from the wall or in a home fuse box.

Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation. Bloody short circuit in high voltage installation

Diagnosing a short circuit in a high-voltage (HV) Fiat 500e installation begins with a visual inspection of the entire car. The initial look shows the rich service history of the Fiat 500e and what you can see at first glance, unfortunately LITTLE PROFESSIONAL !!!

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despite the lack of visible obvious cause of the problem, the list of potential is growing every day.

Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation
Fiat 500e on-board chargers for testing.

The real hits start when the HV system modules are dismantled, which we always start with draining the coolant. Tanks at the top full of pink, blue fluid (typical colour after mixing with a typical Polish fluid) from the unscrewed tap under the radiator does not even drop a drop … Attempts to start the water pump despite checked fuses and forced command from the service computer do not bring the desired result …

The water pump is only started for the first time after the installation of the ‘new’ Fiat 500e on-board charger (OBCM). Unfortunately, this substitution has no effect when it comes to puncturing high voltage installations. Could another hard-boiled module be an inverter (PIM)

An additional small body test using a micrometer explains a lot about the car’s history and potential causes of the problem. In addition, it suggests one more potential cause of the problem of Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation

repainted the whole side and the post … and it was probably welded …

Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation diagnostic
Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation diagnostic

we check every cable, every element of the system. The amount of things that raise our concerns is bursting at the seams.
We do not even like the 12V battery, which is not a lead type A1 battery only A2 for the START / STOP function in combustion cars

Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation
battery test result after charging outside the car

the air conditioning compressor for several thousand dollars cries to heaven for vengeance

Fiat 500e Loss Of Insulation
And someone else was rummaging while venting the RBC, thanks to which half of the engine compartment is stuck in the brake fluid.


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