Fiat 500e Specs

Fiat 500e tech specs

Fiat 500e Specs – full model specification from 2013 year. Manufactured at the Assembly plant: Toluca, Mexico. Launch date: Second quarter 2013 As a model from 2013, 


System: Front-wheel drive: Single steel body


Fiat 500e Specs
Fiat 500e Specs

ELECTRIC MOTOR – Type and Description: Durable magnetic electric traction with electric stop latch Power: 111 HP (83 kW) 
Torque: 200 Nm
Fiat 500e max. speed (estimated): 137 km/h

Fuel consumption-electricity.

EPA estimated km per litre Fuel consumption label:
More than 51.9 km/l
HighWay: greater than 45.9 km/L
total: above 49.3 km/l
driving Range (estimated) City
typically: Over 160 Km
total, label: Over 128 Km
emissions: Zero emissions Vehicle (ZEV)

Fiat 500e Specs – Chassis

The Fiat 500e chassis includes a high voltage battery system (HV): 24 KWH CHILLED/HEATED lithium-ion Battery.
24 kilowatt-hour (kWh) HV battery with 97 lithium-ion cells
Fiat 500e battery voltage: 364 Volts nominal
temperature Management System: 4 modes:
Thermal alignment, passive cooling, active cooling and active Heating. Fiat 500e battery cooling & heating makes it top of it class
built-in charging module (OBCM): 6.6 kW with Transformation of alternating current to direct current with level 1 or level 2
Weight: 600 Funt
charging time of Electric Fiat 500:
Level 1 (240 V) 16A: Less than 8 Hours
level 2 (240 V) 32A: Less than 4 Hours
inverter Module (Fiat 500e PIM): DC-to-AC and DC-To-Dc
zlink: SAE J1772


The VEHICLE COOLING MODULE consists of aluminium soldered heatsinks, aluminium condenser and cooling fan

Fiat 500e Drivetrain

Fiat 500e Specs
Fiat 500e Specs

The Electric Fiat 500e drivetrain has a single-speed gearbox that is a constant ratio.

(9,59:1Gear Ratio) 9,59:1


Battery: 12 V, 500 CCA, maintenance-free


Front Suspension: Macpherson suspension, double-strut spring, and Stabilizer: rear steering axle with screw springs and double shocks

Steering wheel

Type: Sprockets with electric steering column (EPS)
Fiat 500e radio control & phone by Blue&Me Module

Total ratio: 16.3 In: 1 turning Diameter (from Curb to Curb): 9.13 m steering wheel (from lock to lock): 3.0

Fiat 500e Specs
Fiat 500e Specs


Brake Rearmost 
and Rotor type: 11.0 x 0.87 (284 x 22) vented with Recovery braking Size and type of clamp: 2.13 (54) Single-piston with aluminum Enclosure 

Rear Brakes and
Rotor type: fixed 9.4 x 0.4 (251 x 11) with Recovery braking Size and Clamp Type: 1.50 (38 in) single piston with aluminium housing

Fiat 500e Dimensions 

Fiat 500e Dimensions :

  • Wheelbase: 2300mm
  • … Wheels, Front: 1, 407mm
  • … Wheels, Rear: 1397mm
  • Total Length: 3617mm
  • … width: 1627mm
  • … Height: 1527mm
  • Ground clearance: 115mm
  • Own weight: 1355kg
  • Weight distribution, front/rear: 57%/43%

If You are interested in Fiat 500e frame dimensions check this link.

All dimensions measured with the weight of the standard tyres.


Tires size and type: 185/55R15 BSW throughout the SEA
SFR. and model:
Firestone Firehawk Gth
revolutions per km: 563 miles


Aluminium die-cast wheels, five-hole design, laced Argento (silver) with Nero accents (black) Size:
15 x 5.5 (front) and 15 x 6.5 (rear)

E-Sport Package availability:
Type and material die-cast aluminium, five-hole design, painted with Nero paint Arancio Electrico accented perl inserts (electric orange three-layer paint) size 15 x 5.5 (front) and 15 x 6.5 (rear)

For more information go to Fiat 500e Maintenance Schedule

source: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – FCA

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Fiat 500e specs Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to make any modifications to EU regulations importing the Fiat 500e from the USA?

Rear Fog Led in Fiat 500e
Rear Fog Led in Fiat 500e

In fact, no. The American version of the Fiat 500e does not require gluing lenses to the lamps or any other lighting modifications. blinkers light yellow, day lights can be set in the clocks menu. All you have to do is add the tail fog lamp. Of course you can order this service @ Fiat 500e Service

Fiat 500e Service in Poland and Europe

Fiat 500e Serwis in Poland. The most experienced European service of Fiat 500e and Chrysler Pacifica PHEV. we have access to the Fiat 500e parts from Mopar U.S.

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