Fiat 500e battery replacement

Fiat 500e battery replacement

Fiat 500e battery replacement starts with getting the 500e replacement battery. Unfortunately it is not easy for several reasons:

  • The new HV battery was more expensive than the new Fiat 500e 2013-2019 in California.
  • Fiat does not sell spare parts for HV batteries. Therefore all spare parts you have to find from the aftermarket.
  • Most Fiats 500e are not badly shattered after the accidents. Making almost every one repairable without major problems. This makes the used Fiat 500e HV batteries extremely hard to find or get.

Several times I had an offer to buy a used Fiat 500e battery with the body (rest of the car) for free 😉

therefore better always try to repair the Fiat 500e HV battery then think about Fiat 500e battery replacement. Sometimes it may take several months to find a Fiat 500e HV battery for sale. the only thing I can give you a hint is to browse through the ads from auction sites.

Fiat 500e battery life

Fiat 500e battery life calculation by a producer, according to Fiat 500e maintenance schedule is 15 years or 240 000 km. In line with these assumptions, the first Fiats 500e from 2013, exceeded the halfway point of life. I drove many examples from 2013 and some of them show a slight degradation of the battery. Some examples of this model have exceeded my wildest expectations and after 7 years of use they show SOH of the battery between 99 and 100%.

How to replace Fiat 500e HV battery? I have already described it in my other post about removing of the Fiat 500e HV battery.

the basis of the fiat 500e battery diagnostic is the battery log. See how to do it yourself in the AlfaOBD application.

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