Fiat 500e remote diagnosis with Dunew Motorsport Bulgaria

Fiat 500e remote diagnosis

Fiat 500e remote diagnosis with Dunew Motor Sport Bulgaria. It’s already my third electric Fiat 500e that I am helping to get started in Bulgaria. And I think the first such professional team with which I worked remotely from the beginning of COVID lockdown.

Over the last few months, several workshops have called me asking for help in the diagnostics of the Fiat 500e. To my great surprise, the same scenario was repeated every time. After a few minutes of conversation, it turned out that they really don’t have any knowledge of electric cars. Some of them might have repaired some electric scooters or Melexes before, but certainly nothing more complicated.

This time the differences could be heard after a few moments of conversation with Rumen – the boss of Dunew Motor Sport. In these few moments, we have already diagnosed the Fiat 500e HV battery & drivetrain with the BOSCH KTS. After the first conclusions and listing possible diagnostic tools, Rumen had one of them in place and another dedicated to Fiat, he ordered for the next day. Thanks to this, the next day we had all the updates of Fiat modules done.

An accident caused the purchased new tool to have a manufacturing defect. The defect would be very difficult to diagnose remotely without seeing the device. Although Rumen was working with this tool for the first time, he immediately noticed some minor irregularities in the operation of the device. Thanks to this, when problems with the device began, he was able to detect whether it was working well or not.

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  1. Goodmorning from Venezuela, We have in the country several hundreds of Fiat 500e , Will like to contact you help, do you have a whassup number for contact or an email adress

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