Fiat 500e frame dimensions

Fiat 500e frame dimensions

Fiat 500e frame dimensions. Who is this for? Well, it can not be hidden that the vast majority of electric Fiats went to Poland after a larger or smaller crash. That is why I put the exact dimensions of the American 500e 2013-2019 frame, which may often be necessary for the reconstruction of the Fiat 500e accident.

Frame dimensions with diagonals and with heights

Fiat 500e frame dimensions
Fiat 500e frame dimensions

Engine compartment dimensions including diagonals

Further specifications and specifications of the Fiat 500e can be found here

NOTE Important information:

Tips for repairing the Fiat 500e after an accident

Probably at the moment the most important information is that, as we get info from our friend Ptak Auto whos specialising in the distribution of original Mopar parts, including electric and hybrid cars of the FCA group, at the moment there are no problems with ordering parts for Fiat 500e from America.

Where to start repairing an electric car?

Above all, to start repairing your electric 500e HV battery remember to remove the fuse from under the rear seat.

Charging problem, call right away.

If, after picking up Fiat 500e from the port, the car does not want to go into the ready-to-drive status – not ready, it shows 47% SOC or 0% battery State Of Charge. For instance, does not respond or reports an error after connecting the charger. The diagnosis is certain immediately !!!

Above all, the sooner you contact us, the more you will reduce battery damage and even reduce the cost of repairs several times, which Mr. Bartek recently learned. The quick reaction of Mr. Bartek, saved us from pulling out the HV battery from the Fiat 500e and allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of the entire operation repair of charging the Fiat 500e

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