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Fiat 500e Battery LOG

find out how to do a Fiat 500e battery health report and submit it using our analysis form

Fiat 500e Battery LOG from AlfaOBD give us basic access to quite advance HV battery information. To use AlfaOBD app you need good quality ELM327diagnostic tool that works with Fiat 500e.

Get Your own Fiat 500e diagnostic interface. I can certainly recommend OBDlink MX+. It is a good quality interface that can easily handle large amounts of data in the Fiat 500e CAN network.

thanks to this you can now scan fiat 500e error messages

if you do not feel up to strength, we can deal with remote diagnostics of your car, through computer desktop sharing programs.

How to make Fiat 500e Battery Log with AlfaOBD?

Watch instructions video here or follow text instructions below

  1. Open AlfaOBD and connect to your interface.
  2. Select Fiat 500e / Battery Management / Battery Pack Control Module ver. 3
  3. In new screen press CONNECT and wait for confirmation of the connection with the ECU.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, select the second icon from the left – the battery icon
  6. At the top of the screen, select the second icon from the right – the tool icon.
  7. Select VIEW FAULTS AND GAUGES LOG, download it from google Chrom and email to me:

Send us your Battery pack log for diagnostic

Send us your Battery pack log for diagnostic instead of a car on lorry truck. When we know the problem better, I can come to you and repair the car at a local service station. Battery repair is much cheaper than fiat 500e battery replacement.