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Fiat 500e diagnostic tool

Fiat 500e diagnostic tools overview. From basic ELM327 Scanners to profesional service equipment.

Many people have heard or even already have AlfaOBD applications on their phone or computer. It turns out to be much more difficult to choose the right Fiat 500e diagnostic tool. And this is due on of them based on ELM327 chip real flood of the market.

The first choice we will face will be the choice of computer or telephone communication. We have a choice of USB cable, WiFi card, bluetooth 3.0 – working only with android and bluetooth 4.0, which also works on devices with iOS.

Fiat 500e diagnostic scanners for very basic 500e computer diagnostics it doesn’t have to be expensive, but those China tools for just a few dollars are unfortunately not enough. Below are some of the tools I checked and offer.

Basic Fiat 500e diagnostic tools

Basic Fiat 500e diagnostic tools can be divided into 3 types: working on Android, iOS and PC.

Don’t forget to unplug any ELM327 OBD plugs before leaving car. OBD socket is directly connected to 12v battery, which can be discharged by the tool. This consequently causes too much discharge of the HV packet and can cause Fiat 500e dead

Profesional Fiat 500e diagnostic equipment

Profesional Fiat 500e diagnostic equipment for all FCA group Cars (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) called WiTech MicroPod II. This is online tool working only with authorisation on FCA Servers. An essential tool for performing module updates.

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Hello! Salutations from Mallorca with the unique Fiat 500E in the island.
I’m really interested to learn more things about the car!
Is possible introduce europe maps in the navy?
What obd is better for use with alfaobd?

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