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Fiat 500e Maintenance Schedule

Fiat 500e Maintenance Schedule. List of service activities made in the Fiat 500e service manual. Electric Fiat 500e Full Service in Europe.

Fiat 500e Maintenance Schedule – List of service activities in the user’s manual, source: Fiat USA. What catches the eye first? The total estimated mileage and age of the car, which is really the Fiat 500e HV battery. FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automotive provides battery life of 15 years and 240,000km.
Are these real estimates?
Personally, I think YES! …

Check service list – The replacement of consumable parts in the Fiat 500e electric car basically contains nothing. The Fiat 500e maintenance schedule consists only of maintenance and suspension status inspection. I have already seen a 7-year-old Fiat 500e with the original Mopar battery and fully functional original brake pads.
Full technical specification of the Fiat 500e specs

Fiat 500e Service in Europe. Aftermarket – post warranty repairs of any EV or PHEV of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Electric Cars Service – All mechanical and electrical repairs. HV battery replacement and regeneration.
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