Fiat 500e dead

fiat 500e dead

Fiat 500e dead? Not for me!
I can heal every dead Fiat 500e. My effectiveness is 100 out of 100. I don’t give up and never say that something can’t be fixed.

I don’t only replace entire modules with new ones.
It’s not fixing it’s replacing! 😉

fiat 500e battery pack is not a one part for me. I have all the necessary permissions to deal with automotive electrical installations and batteries up to 1 kiloVolts.

fiat 500e not ready
Fiat 500e dead

fiat 500e dead and not charging, not ready, Limited Power Mode with red turtle? I can fix all typical problems with electric Fiat 500e in just few days.
Cars that are improperly tried to be repaired, usually take much more time to be repaired. Therefore, the cost of repair can be several times higher.
So, do not think about choosing a mechanic. Trust the specialist with the greatest experience in repairing the dead Fiat 500e.

Fiat 500e dead typical problems

The most typical problem after import Fiat 500e to Europe is overdischarged HV battery. Fiat 500e dead Common Symptoms is:

  • Dead 12V Battery
  • Fiat 500e not charging with Level 1 and Level 2 Battery Charger
  • Fiat 500e ‘not ready’ – Fiat does not allow to change to Drive
  • Red Turtle with Limited Power Mode and fiat 500e not ready
  • 47% or 0% HV Battery State of Charge
  • fiat 500e error messages:
    • Fiat 500e service charging system
    • Fiat 500e unable to detect plug in

The thing is, that this problem can be prevented by proper EV preparation for shipping. Thats why the electric car should be exported by persons specialising in it. Any fiat 500e battery reset will not help after this problem.

At the moment, we offer a remote inspection service of Fiat 500e and preparation of the car for shipping in Southern California. Order this service to prevent fiat 500e dead after pick up in Europe

Preparation of the Electric Vehicle for shipping:

Preparation of the Electric Vehicle for shipping can be divided for 2 parts.

Before shipping;

After car pickup in Europe:

  • remote “car wake up” – switch to normal operation mode.
  • EV Computer Diagnostics

For cars prepared by us for shipping, we provide a warranty on the condition of HV batteries during import to Europe.

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  1. Hi!

    Are you able to remotely fix my Fiat 500e in Norway? Doesn’t go in drive or in reverse and doesn’t react on charging. It’s an 2014 model.


    Robert in Bergen,Norway

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