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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Repair

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Repair after unprofessional towing. It is not the first time that the owner of an electric vehicle fails. The basic knowledge and rules for dealing with electric or hybrid cars are not yet as well known as the fact that gasoline cannot be poured into diesel.

What do you need to know about electric cars and where to find knowledge?

The basic source of knowledge on how to use an electric car should be the user manual. I am convinced that most car users would be surprised by the new discoveries if they even looked at the user’s manual of their car. Although I personally admit that the user’s instructions are written as if they were for morons. Therefore, the most important facts melt away somewhere between nonsense.

One of the basic rules is that you cannot tow an inoperative electric car. In electric cars, the motor is most often connected directly or at a fixed ratio to the driving wheels. Due to the fact that in electric vehicles, the engine is also a power generator with production not less than the car drive itself. That’s why when driving neutral, it generates huge amounts of electricity. Electricity which needs to be done somewhere. In a functional car, the basic receiver of this surplus is the high voltage battery.

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