Fiat 500e suspension modifications

Fiat 500e suspension modifications

Fiat 500e suspension modifications are a more and more frequent topic that I encounter on internet forums and customer questions. A recurring idea is to increase the diameter of the rims and lower the suspension.

Why do I consider this a bad idea?

First of all, because the Fiat 500e drives really, really well even on track conditions. The opinions of RallyCross riders are surprisingly good. As evidenced by their results even with other modified cars. so why change something that works well?
The main reason turns out to be the visual aspects. Too much distance between the wheels and the wheel arches.

maybe the distance between the wheels and the wheel arches is too great. But the distance between the high voltage battery and the ground is not so long.

I see a damaged battery pack very often. From damaged high-voltage sockets to dents and holes in the battery case itself. Replacing the battery socket is a job for most of the day. Requires the removal of the entire high voltage battery and thus the dismantling of the entire rear suspension. It is not easy to get spare parts because FCA treats the HV batterie as one unit and does not sell spare parts for it.

A damaged battery case is a much bigger problem. If the pack becomes unsealed, it can seriously damage the battery. I have already encountered case of damage to the battery’s computer module – BPCM, after leaving a curb that is too high. The impact was so strong that the screw holding the BPCM made a hole in the top cover of the battery.

Even more serious problems can cause seemingly minor damages – holes, through which water can seeps into the battery casing. Such a problem, not noticed in time, can cause very extensive damage. Transferring the entire battery to a new housing is a task for the whole day for 2 people

Therefore, the most recommended by me, Fiat 500e suspension modifications is the purchase of new, very good tires 😉


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