Fiat 500e inspection before or after purchase

Fiat 500e inspection before or after purchase

Fiat 500e inspection before or after purchase, we especially recommend to people who have never had contact with electric vehicles before. “before or after the purchase inspection” is primarily a visual check of the condition of the High Voltage installation. A small scratch on the HV battery casing may cause serious problems in the future.

Only when the appearance of the installation does not raise any suspicions, we proceed to computer diagnostics. We use original Fiat Chrysler Automotive service software – not a few dollars smartphone app! Thanks to that we are sure that we will read all faults, from every car module. All thanks to the original software give us a full overview of the condition of the Fiat 500e.

HV battery SOH reading

The next stage of computer diagnostics is the history and Health state of the Fiat 500e HV battery. From the battery computer log, we can even find out how long the accelerator pedal was between 0% and 20%. How long between 40% and 60%, or how long from 80 to 100%. You can use almost any Fiat 500e diagnostic tool to read SOH from BPCM but:
Fiat 500e batteries health reading (SOH) from the on-board computer may not be accurate. Therefore, the HV battery test under maximum load during a test drive gives the final picture of the fiat 500e battery degradation. Only then can we confirm whether the SOH, SOH-R, SOH-C calculated by the battery is consistent with reality.

Fiat 500e inspection before or after purchase

The Fiat 500e inspection before or after purchase can save you from large expenses in the future. Due to this that sticking a small hole in the battery is much easier than rebuilding the installation after flooding. That’s why I always draw the customer’s attention to a few details that may be the cause of the problem in some time. If you do not want to look for information on how to replace fiat 500e battery, use our services during your holidays.

I have been using, diagnosing, and repairing the 500e for over 6 years now. I have already traveled several thousand km with 500e. Not only with single car, but tens of electric five hundreds in all colosr and years combinations.
Therefore, it is not only an inspection of the engine oil level, condition of discs and pads. That’s all my know-how and Best Known Practices of fiat 500e usage and service electric vehicles. My fiat 500e service pictures:

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