Flooded Fiat 500e battery

Flooded Fiat 500e battery

Flooded Fiat 500e battery, probably in the worst condition I’ve ever seen.

As I have mentioned more than once, with the ideas for lowering the Fiat 500e suspension, even a slight damage to the HV battery housing can have very serious consequences.

Even if the lower battery casing only has a slight dent when the car’s chassis hits a high curb, the upper plastic casing can be significantly damaged. Read more about Fiat 500e suspension modifications

Flooded Fiat 500e battery
Flooded Fiat 500e battery

This is what it looked like this time, a significant damage to the upper housing, not visible without unscrewing the car’s chassis aerodynamic covers, resulted in the battery being slowly but gradually filled with water.

Flooded Fiat 500e battery
Flooded Fiat 500e battery

At the beginning, when the battery was only damp inside, the car certainly started to burst with errors. Errors – yellow triangle, of course, instead of diagnosing the error and looking for it, someone “fixed” the problem by disconnecting the 12V batteries for a moment, as everyone on the Fiat 500e forums advises.
Therefore, I repeat once again it is not gasoline, which is flawed when pouring low-quality fuel, it is an electric car that is not so stupid and in most cases it does not show errors without a Reason.

There are nothing more stupid than clearing errors by disconnecting 12v and not checking the reason. what’s following this, the most stupid are questions and answers in the fiat forums:

– “hi in the morning i get a yellow triangle in my fiat 500e what to do”

– “disconnect the 12v battery and wait a moment, plug it back in and it’s fixed”

– “WOW THANKS, EVERYTHING WORKS, THANKS TO YOU, I SAVED 100 or 200 euro for computer diagnostics.”

After a few months, the battery disconnect trick stops working, and that’s when you start thinking. and when a few months / years later the car comes to me. The battery looks like this and there is nothing to save. Flooded Fiat 500e battery in this state, after so long time with water inside back, is only a metal

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