Post collision unlocking

post collision unlocking

Post-collision unlocking of Fiat 500e has to be done always after airbag deployment. Fiat 500e lock’s itself after collision with heavy g force for safety reasons. unlocking requires a review of the condition of the electrical installation

Why Post collision inspection is so important in Electric Vehicles?

Post collision common problems: battery pack damage. How small hall in HV Battery Pack can become a BIG PROBLEM.

This dead Fiat 500e did not go into standby and did not want to charge. When we connect diagnostic computer, the first eye-throwing errors indicate overheating of the high-voltage package. After a quick check of the HV battery cooling installation, we proceeded to further analyse the actual data. Temperature readings from the individual target packets ranged from 21 to 85! Centigrade. Such readings clearly indicate damage to the balancer modules or the sensors themselves. As a result we got the decision, we lift the electric car up and take out the HV batteries. 

After opening the Fiat 500e Traction battery pack, our surprise was endless. The whole top cover was sweat with liquefed water. All steel rusty bolts, a large part of the package floor covered with strange dust. We couldn’t understand where the water could take on 2 the battery.

post collision Battery pack
Post collision unlocking

It turned out that the non-damaged HV battery housing has a small abrasion on the front. Rubbing small but strong enough that resulted in a miniature tear of the sheet metal package. Finaly We found thats place, where the water gets into the HV battery pack. At the same time the tear was small enough that it was not able to evaporate the pressed water.

Post collision unlocking
Post collision unlocking

Drying, cleaning, measuring, brewing and again measuring took a dozen hours of really hard work. A work that you can certainly avoid by reporting to us for a review before or after purchasing an electric fiat. As the above case shows, easy to repair, a slight malfunction can result in very large and often not even reversible damage to the components of the electric car.
Thats why it is so important that the post collision unlocking repair, should be carried out under the supervision of persons specialising in this electric Car repairs.

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