Humidity sensor and wet rugs in the Fiat 500e

Humidity sensor and wet rugs in the Fiat 500e

Humidity sensor and wet rugs in the Fiat 500e. Many people that come to our Electric Cars Service have problems with moisture in the interior of the Fiat 500e. Some have even wet passenger or driver rugs. Sometimes there is a musty smell inside the Fiat 500e.

Why is moisture control inside the Fiat 500e so important?

The reason is very simple and certain. Electric Fiat 500, like any electronic device, simply does not like water. Condensing moisture can literally flood the PCB with hundreds of drops of water. As you know, water is a great electrical conductor. It also promotes corrosion of connections on PCBs.
In my opinion, moisture is the beginning of the problems with the CTM module, responsible for the Fiat 500e Blue&Me.
But the most important reason is the flap hidden just under the rear seat, leading directly to the inside of the Fiat 500e HV Battery

Cause of dead humidity sensor and wet rugs in the Fiat 500e?

Cause of dead humidity sensor it may seem ridiculous, but it is moisture itself. Wet rugs in the Fiat 500e?
Most often they have their cause on the windshield. Irrationally again. Well, no, a badly designed drain from the windshield glass causes most of the problems described above. It is not enough that the water from the glass goes straight to the air conditioning tube leading to the cabin exchanger. Additionally, the water drain, clogged with leaves or needles, causes the water to slowly seep for hours after the rain.

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  1. Bonjour, merci grâce à vous je viens de résoudre un souci de condensation . En effet le drain était presque complètement bouché . De plus en faisant un diagnostique avec Multiecuscan , j’avais une erreur ” capteur d’humidité “. J’en ai profité pour remplacer le petit capteur d’humidité que se trouve sous un cache sur le pare-brise de la Fait 500e . Le problème est résolu . Mais comme on est en automne , je vais regarder régulièrement si le drain n’est bouché . merci à bientôt

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