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Fiat 500e battery repair

Fiat 500e battery repair by dead cells replacing. Lithium cells cant be regenerated but in some cases Lithium battery packs can be regenerated by replacing only few bed cells

Fiat 500e battery repair start from computer diagnostics and a load test of the battery pack. Thanks to this, after a few moments, we are absolutely sure whether the entire operation makes sense or will only be a waste of money, because sooner or later it will end up replacing the whole HV battery.

The next step is to take the HV battery pack out of the car and carry out additional measurements of the capacity of individual cells if necessary.

when we are sure how many cells in the battery we need to replace, the search begins. It is not recommended to mix used cells with new ones. That is why we try to select used batteries with parameters as close as possible. Thanks to this, we are sure that battery pack is not a dangerous one.

500e HV battery repair
500e HV battery repair

The final steps of Fiat 500e battery repair are easy to guess but not easy to done 😉 The list of steps to be performed is long and it is a waste of time to list it. Especially since we come to the most important part of the program – Motor Power Test 🙂
Electric Vehicles Battery Repair looks almost the same in many different car models and types.

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