Fiat 500e Battery fiat service

Fiat 500e battery repair

Fiat 500e battery repair by dead cells replacing. Lithium cells cant be regenerated but in some cases Lithium battery packs can be regenerated by replacing only few bed cells

Fiat 500e battery repair begins with computer diagnostics and a load test of the battery pack. With this information, it only takes a short time, to be absolutely certain that the operation makes sense. By following these steps now, we can most like prevent the future replacement of the entire HV battery . A very expensive procedure indeed.

The next step is to take the HV battery pack out of the car and, if necessary, measure the capacity of individual cells.

It is not recommended to mix used cells with new ones. For this reason we try to select used batteries with parameters as close as possible with the ones in the unit.

The search and testing begins!

Only when we know how many cells need to be replaced can we reconfigure into a safe and reliable unit.

500e HV battery repair
500e HV battery repair

The final steps of Fiat 500e battery repair may appear to be easy, but are not easy to complete 😉 The list of steps to be performed is long and quite tedious. Way too much information to list here! Especially when we come to the most important part of the program – The Motor Power Test 🙂 Fortunately the Electric Vehicles Battery Repair procedure is almost identical with most all of the EV car brands and models on the market today.

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