500e service & EVolutionSBC

500e Service & EVolutionSBC

I just came back from sunny Portugal, where we worked with the EVolution Service & Battery Center team on a new project. 500e service & EVolutionSBC has teamed up to create something big capacity. Original Fiat 500e Battery price exceeds the wildest expectations. Battery price is bigger than the price of the new car. Equals exactly 162,000 PLN or $42,000. New Fiat 500e in US cost only $34,000. Equipping this car with upgraded – enlarged batteries, will give it a completely new, better life.

We leave more details to yours guess 😉

EVolution Service & Battery Center Portugal

It was a great week of working on Fiat 500e, with such a team, it was pure pleasure! EVolution Service & Battery Center is a team of great and experienced specialists.

Probably for the first time in my life I was in a place where I never once heard that we couldn’t do something. When something did not go one way and I gave crazy ideas for solution, always one of them just opened the drawer, pulled out the cable or PCB and said I can do it.

EVolution Service & Battery Center Portugal specialize in conversions for electrics of all kinds of vehicles. Their designs such as the Audi TT with the Tesla engine and the HV Battery they built really impress.

500e service & EVolutionSBC
Audi TT by EVoultion

more info soon…

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