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  • VPC payback 500e services

    VPC payback 500e services

    VPC payback 500e services. Another chance for payback for our Fiat 500e services in December. Once again, a chance for a refund thanks to a payment in the VoltPotCoin crypto valute. VoltPotCoin (VPC) represents the “First Virtual Battery” on Earth. and was created by our friend, green energy portal – If you decide to […]

  • & VoltPotCoin promo

    VoltPotCoin promo & VoltPotCoin promo is a 10% discount from FIATservice, and 100VPC cashback from VoltPot for first 10 clients who chose this form of payment What is VoltPotCoin? VoltPotCoin is a revolutionary innovation of 2020. It is the first decentralised Peer-to-Peer payment network to be used by renewable energy and electric mobility sectors.  Without any […]

  • Level 2 Battery Charger

    Level 2 Battery Charger

    Level 2 Battery Charger from original Fiat 500e Level 1 charger? Yes it’s very easy to done. Just cut the 110V plug and change it to 16A 240V plug. Use only good quality plug cos overheating is very common problem. Fiat 500e Level 2 Battery Charger problems Most common Fiat 500e Level 2 Charger by […]