Proxy Alignment fail

Proxy Alignment fail

Some problems come in waves. I suppose it’s the result of posts on internet forums dedicated to the Fiat 500e. A good example is several problems with starting the car within one week after the proxy alignment procedure.

It seems to be a simple procedure to download together such car modules as IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster), RADIO, VTM (Vechicle Tracking Module).

Unfortunately, it turns out that if carried out incorrectly, it can immobilize the car.
So if proxy alignment fail, don’t lose your head, don’t mess around blindly. Create a new support ticket on our Electric Cars Service and arrange a remote solution to this problem.

Proxy Alignment fail
Proxy Alignment fail

Proxy Alignment fail reasons

Proxy Alignment fail reasons can be very different. In my opinion, the most common is the low-quality OBD interface with bluetooth communication. Of the Fiat 500e programs available on the market, unfortunately one causes this problem much more often. Primarily because, it is recommended to perform this operation via USB or WiFi interface.

Our electric car service fixes this problem remotely. More details after creating a ticket at


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