New Fiat 500e 2020

New Fiat 500e 2020

New Fiat 500e 2020 – the first globally available electric Fiat 500e. Available in three body styles: hatchback, cabrio and in a completely new three-door variant 3+1. The 3+1 version has a double-wing passenger door, which makes it easier to get to the rear seat. additionally, two versions of the engine and battery are available: 95KM and 24kWh or a more powerful version with a 118KM engine and a battery with a capacity of 42kWh. The latter, according to the manufacturer, provides 321km of range.

Fiat 500e 3+1
Fiat 500e 3+1 (fot. AutoBild)

What’s new in the New Fiat 500e 2020

Another novelty in relation to the first American – California version of Fiat 500e (2013-2019 model) is fast DC charging up to 85kW. As the manufacturer assures, 5 minutes of charging gives an additional 50 km of range. A modern multimedia system with a 10.25-inch touch screen makes navigation easier. Once inside the car, the smartphone connects to the Fiat via Bluetooth® in less than 5 seconds.
Adaptive cruise control is a highly praised feature. The system reacts not only to the presence of other cars, but also to cyclists and pedestrians. It is also perfect on highways, ensuring the right distance between the car in front

A larger battery and fast charging are all the wishes of the users of the previous version, thanks to which the New Fiat 500e 2020 is a really great electric car. And what does the purchase price look like?
Some time ago In Germany, the basic version of the Fiat 500e Action, cost 23,560 euros, but after deducting the allowances for electricians, it was 14,080 euros, which on the local market was a price lower than a comparable Fiat 500 with an internal combustion engine. Needless to say, we offer a full electronic and mechanical service for the New Fiat 500e. Profesional computer diagnostics with the original Mopar Diagnostic Pod. Thanks to this, we can easily connect with the latest models of electric Fiat or Chrysler Hybrid

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