Remote repair with ATS Racing

Remote repair with ATS Racing

Remote repair with ATS Racing. Last week I was contacted by Aaron from ATS Racing with Fiat 500e problem. The guys from ATS Racing specialize in High Power modifications of the Toyota engines.

Some time ago Aaron bought a broken Fiat 500e. According to the seller, the car stopped charging one day. Unfortunately, he did not admit that someone clumsily tried to fix this car.

During the first remote connection, it turned out that we have no connection with almost any module of the CAN network responsible for the drivetrain. Previously, Aaron tried to replace the EVCU but this did not help to regain communication. That’s why he wanted to send me both EVCU and BPCM for verification. I found it unnecessary and too expensive. Thanks to my little hint, Aaron was able to locate the damaged module the very next day after our first connection.

Remote repair with ATS Racing complete

New module ordered and remote repair with ATS Racing will continue… But you can already admit that a good Electric Vehicles Workshop working on Fiat 500e in Texas is getting ready


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